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Why choose DRL Express?

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We collect your packages from you to deliver them.

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We deliver your packages to your customers within half an hour!

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We store your items for delivery in our warehouse.

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Collection of parcels at your place

To reduce your shipping times, we come to collect your packages ourselves. You will not have to travel to send us your packages for delivery to the customer.


Express delivery for professionals

As professionals, having a reliable and trusted delivery partner is crucial. This is why we offer a quality service in the shipping of your packages.

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Storage of items in our warehouse

We offer you a solution to shorten your delivery times. We store your items in our warehouse, and deliver them to your customers ourselves. You gain speed, storage and efficiency.

You can call us on +32 (0)2 421 05 40.

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Use the link below to generate your delivery slips completely electronically. You save time and efficiency.

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